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F&S Nursing Review specializes in face to face NCLEX PN and RN review courses. These nursing review courses were developed by Nurse Educators and practitioners who have many years of expertise in NCLEX review course development and can help ensure your success on NCLEX. Frances and Sue have clinical and educational experience that will provide the best nursing review course available.  Dr. Frances Thunberg and Dr. Sue Beaman use time tested and proven memory techniques that guarantee success on NCLEX.

These expert nursing faculty focus on the critical judgments necessary to pass NCLEX and cut to the chase  during the review course presentation getting to the “MUST KNOW” to pass the most important nursing exam you will take! Our NCLEX PN and RN review course presentation will be interactive, concise, visual and give you the tools you need to feel positive about taking NCLEX.

This review course offers the most CURRENT comprehensive live (face-to-face) review with a corresponding nursing review book as well as testing strategies and NCLEX style questions to ensure your success on NCLEX. The live reviews gives you the opportunity to interact, clarify, plan, and ensure your NCLEX Success.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing conducts surveys every three years that results in changes on the nursing exam in the following year that reflect current practices for newly licensed nurses.  As the acuity of patient care increases, the difficulty of the NCLEX PN and RN exams reflect the increased demands of nursing care.  F&S Nursing Review Co. stays up to date with these changes in an effort to provide you with the most current test plan guaranteeing you the best and most current nursing review course.

The F&S review course for NCLEX PN and NCLEX RN offers the BEST PRICE and BEST RESULTS for nursing graduates.

In addition to review courses, F&S Nursing Review, Inc. provides Pharmacology and test taking workshops to further ensure your current and future success in nursing.

Call Sue at 919 920 1184 or Frances at 919 920 0515 to set up a review at your school with group discounts. PREPARE NOW TO PASS NCLEX!!!

The NCLEX® examination is a federally registered trademark of the National Council of State Board of Nursing, Inc.

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